PeopleDB/Account Creation Staff Tools
These programs are available to authorized staff to help support account creation with Open Registry, RATS, and the older tools such as the PeopleDB.

IDM Links/Tools: use Kerberos access.

Open Registry
Use for NetID changes, Activation Keys, Role and herd updates and additions, and Emergency NetID processing
NetID Management Admin Use to look up LDAP status and to view Secret Questions status
NetID management For users
Forgotten Password page Direct link to page where users enter Activation Keys for password resets (to help walk-ins)
Service Activation page
Direct link to page where users activate services, create accounts, etc.
PeopleDB Privileged View (PDB)
Tool replaced by Open Registry. Use to compare with OR records, in case there are OR problems.

To report problems with the above pages, use:

Ticketing system to report issues with OR, CAS, Kerberos or Safeword passwords, or LDAP.
Email address to report problems with account creation through the and sites; to be used sparingly -- cut tickets in hdrti/idm above for normal problem reporting.

Other Links/Tools

RATS User Support Tool (RUST) to check email account status and delivery
Herd Tool Add an existing person to a new herd or otherwise manage herds.
CAT Rutgers Connect Admin Tool for delegated admins.
Email address to report problems with the site or the RUST tool above.
Email address to send account creation and PDB problems. Both CSS and ESS will get copies of the mail.
Obsolete email addresses: if you've used these before, don't.

makeclass-support@nsmx, whitepages-admin@nsmx,, and people-db-disc@nsmx.

Note: this is a RATS web page. If any links or addresses need updating, please use the rats_support address above.